Bodrum Bodrum…

bodrum_1  In this cold and dark winter days, i would like to write about a place which will melt your heart and take you back to those fabulous summer days in which weather is warm and sun is shinning…

In this guide, i would like to tell you about Bodrum, an amazing town in south western coast of Turkey.

Bodrum is famous for hot weather, classy enviroment and tasty Aegean and sea food…

Bodrum is also famous for white houses. All buildings in Bodrum are painted white which gives Bodrum a unique view.

People of all age can find something enjoyable in Bodrum… This is not an exaggration but the truth… For a little child is there anything more enjoyable than building castles in seaside on the sand? Or for a child is there anything more enjoyable than swimming in a sea clear like aquarium while sun is shining? You can see teenagers walking in the streets of Bodrum and chatting with their friends and laughing… In summer time you can hear headlaughs in anytime in Bodrum.. In the evenings fabulous bars and pubs are full of youngsters in Bodrum and music is on till the first lights of the morning… Mature couples can enjoy Bodrum evenings with wonderful weather and tasty seafood… Everyone has unforgetable time and warm memories in Bodrum…

Where is Bodrum?

Bodrum is situated in South western part of Turkey. City center is located in a bay of Bodrum semi island. Torba, Göltürkbükü and Gündoğan towns are located in northern part of the semisland, Yalıkavak, Gümüşlük and Turgutreis are located in west part of that semisiland and Bodrum city center, Gümbet, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalı ad Akyarlar are located in southern part of the semiisland.

How can you go to Bodrum?

Milas is another town near Bodrum in which an international airport is situated. You could come to Milas airport and reach Bodrum from there. Milas international airport is located almost 35 kms from Bodrum city center.

Another transportation alternative is getting to Bodrum by boats You can reach to Bodrum from other Turkish cities and Greek islands that way.

You could come to Bodrum by bus as well. From most of the cities of Turkey, you could come to Bodrum buy inter city busses.

Where To Stay in Bodrum?bodrum_2

In Bodrum you can either stay in city center or in the bays of Bodrum. If you prefer to stay in Bodrum city center you don’t need to use any transportation for going to sea, restaurants or clubs. If you stay in the bays of Bodrum like Bitez, Torba, Gümüşlük or Yahşi Yalı you can take taxi or Dolmuş (a kind of public transportion in Turkey,mini bus) for reaching Bodrum city center but you will have much better sea to swim. Eventhough the sea in city center is good,when you compare with the bays it is not as impressive as them.

There are many different kind of hotels in Bodrum. According to your budget you can either stay in a budget hotel or luxurious hotel.

What To Do in Bodrum?

In day time you can enjoy sea in one of amazing Bodrum’s bays… Torba, Göltürkbükü, Bitez, Yahşi Yalı and Turgutreis have wonderful sea. You can also enjoy delicious food in cafes near seaside…

You can also enjoy sea sports like skiing. In most of the beaches there are oppourtunites to enjoy sea. Another popular activity in Bodrum is diving. With special boat trips you can go for diving and add more memories to your Bodrum holiday.

You can enjoy the bays of Bodrum by renting a daily boat tour or you can also use public boats. Usually during this tours boat makes a stop,so tourists can enjoy swimming in amazing bays of Bodrum.

In Bodrum city center you can find Bodrum castle, situated on a hill in Bodrum Bay. In Bodrum castle museum u can enjoy spectacular Bodrum view.bodrum_3

Bodrum underwater archelogy museum is located in Bodrum castle in which you can see many different finds from underwater.

Bodrum amphitheate is one of the oldest amphitheatres in Turkey. In summer time it is used as a concert stage.

Göltürkbükü is famous for classy beaches in which Turkish high society spend their holidays. There are many private beaches which provide you luxurious oppourtunities,dut to that prices are much higher than on beaches in other bays.

For the evenings, Bodrum city center gives you a lot of opportunities. You can either enjoy your evening in calm enviroment or you can party all night long. The most trendy bars and clubs in Bodrum city center are; Hadigari, Körfez, Halikarnas in bars street and Fink and Kuba in Marina street. Moreover you can enjoy Catamaran a night club on the ship,which gives you amazing experience of dancing while sailing.

What To Eat in Bodrum?

Gümüşlük is very famous for fish restaurants in Bodrum. Actually you can eat delicious fish and sea food in almost all restaurants of Bodrum.

Aegean part is also famous for fresh and tasty vegatables and salads..

There is a special dessert called Lokma in Bodrum. You shouldn’t leave Bodrum before eating Lokma.

I hope this guide could give you an idea for your summer holiday. In these cold and dark winter days i hope this guide has taken your mind to that beautiful holiday resort. Maybe it can even become a good oppourtunity for your summer holiday.


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