Meeting Point Of Blue and Green…Marmaris


Marmaris Welcomes You…

Winter evenings nowadays are cold and dark so i decided to write about somewhere which will take you to summer time and melt your heart.. This article is about one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Turkey… Marmaris… Marmaris is especially famous for pine forests, wonderful bays and amazing sea…I hope while reading this article your mind will take you from this cold weather to warm and sunny days again…

How can you go to Marmaris?

Marmaris is located in the South-western coast of Turkey… It has amazing beaches both in Aegean and Medditerrian seas. You can reach Marmaris in several ways. You can go by plane and land in Dalaman Airport and reach Marmaris from there or you can use boats from other cities of Turkey like Bodrum or even from one of Greek isle like Rhodes. You can go to Marmaris by bus from most of the cities of Turkey…

On the way to Marmaris you will have amazing view of Akyaka bay from the top of the hill, take it as indicator- you are approaching that famous holiday spot… After going down from the hill and reach Akyaka Bay you will start to climb again and reach Marmaris…


Where to stay in Marmaris?

In Marmaris you have many oppourtunities where to stay. You can either stay in a small and cheap hotel or you can stay in a luxurious five star hotel. There are many hotels located in both city center and the small towns of Marmaris like İçmeler and Turunç. The location of the hotel depends on your choice. The sea in İçmeler and Turunç is better than in Marmaris but their location is a bit far from city center.

What To Do in Marmaris?

City Center

Marmaris city center is quite big when you compare with other city centers of holiday resorts in Turkey. There is a large marina(port) where you can see many yatches and boats. There are many different restaurants with large range of cusines. You can taste Turkish Kebabs, Aegean fish or even Chineese and Tai food. Marmaris give you such oppourtunities.

In Marmaris city center there is a big indoor bazaar with wide products range from leather clothes, diamonds, jewelleries to little souveniours and spicies.


It is so easy to reach Marmaris city center from towns nearby by dolmuş (mini bus) which is a public transportation mainly used by tourist in Marmaris. On the front windows of all these minibuses the route number is written. So when you know the number of your location you can use them easily.


İçmeler is a town which is so close to Marmaris. It is almost 10 kilometers from city center and is famous for beachs and sea. As there is current in th sea water always stays clean and clear. There are many hotels and entertainment attractions in İçmeler … Many tourists go to İçmeler by dolmuş everyday to swim in beautiful sea.

Sedir Island


Sedir Island is famous among all tourists who come to Marmaris because of it’s unique sand. According to legend sand was taken there by Cleopatra. That’s why the other name of this island is Cleapatra Island. Legends tells, Cleopatra loved to have sunbathing on this island. It is almost 20 kilometers far from Marmaris on the way to Muğla.

To protect this sand it is forbidden to lay on that beach. But you can enjoy swimming in that little bay which looks like a pool.

In order to reach Sedir Island, you can park your car in parking lot in Çamlı Port and take the boat which will directly take you to Sedir Island.

There are some ruins and amphi theater in Sedir Island. There is also a small cafe where you can buy sandwiches and drinks.

I strongly recommend you to visti Sedir Island when you go to Marmaris.

Kızkumu (Maiden’s sand)

This is another extraordinary natural bay of Marmaris. It is located almost 35 kilometers from Marmaris city center. In this bay you can walk in the sea for meters while you friends are swimming just few meters far from you. According to legend while a princess was trying to escape from pirates, she put stones to her skirt and started to walk on the sea while throwing those stones to water. Unfortunately the stones on her skirt was over before she reached the other side so she drawn in the water.

Kızkumu bay is on the way to Datça from Marmaris and it is so close to Orhaniye town of Marmaris. You can either go there by car or take a boat tour.


Sea is wonderful in there….

Turunç Bay

Turunc is an amazing bay which is situated almost 20 kilometers from Marmaris city center. Turunç is just after İçmeler town on the other side of the hill. You can go to Turunç by boat also. There are taxi boats in Marmaris city center which can easily take you there so you dont have to drive in narrow road from İçmeler to Turunç. Turunç is famous for fabulous sea… You can enjoy swimming in wonderful sea in Turunç bay. In this small Aegean town there are also many hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy eating fish.


Dalyan is almost 75 kilometers far from Marmaris. You can go there by boats from Marmaris. Dalyan is a fabulous place due to wonderful beach where sea turtles leave their eggs in the season of reproduction. There are tombs of ancient king.You can enjoy boat trips in the canals of little rivers which flow to sea and even take mud bath which cures many kind of diseases.


Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is another attraction for tourists in Marmaris. Jeep safari is daily jeep tour which takes you to one of little villages situated close to Marmaris. On this jeep tours you can go to Turunç, Akyaka and Kızkumu too. Travelling by jeep in forests of Marmaris is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. On jeep safari dont forget to taste real Marmaris pine honey from the village.

Daily Boat Tour

In Marmaris city center and İçmeler many different boats are wating to take you to beautiful bays of Marmaris. According to your budget either you can rent a boat with your friends or you can get on a public boat. These boat tour usually depart at 9-10 am and arrives at 5-6 pm.

Marmaris Castle

Marmaris castle is located on the hill behind the marina in Marmaris. There is a museum in the castle and restaurant/bar just near castle from where you can watch amazing Marmaris view.


Nigh life is great in Marmaris. There is a Bar street in city center where you can find any kind of bar or club you want. There is another place called Uzunyalı in Marmaris which was also popular in the past ,because of great clubs and bars, but recently most of them are closed and some of them moved to Bar street in city center.

Most popular clubs are Arenna, Back Street, Crazy Daisy which are located in Bar street.

As you can see a holiday in Marmaris isn’t just a beach hotel holiday. It is much more enjoyable…Marmaris offers you many attractions. If you want to have an amazing holiday, Marmaris Welcomes You…


Dance of Continents… Enjoy İstanbul!


Dance of continents…

Think of a city which was a capital for centuries…

Think of a city through which sea flows…

Think of a city which is the heart of culture of a country…

Think of a city which is the heart of history of a country…

Think of a city which is the heart of business of a country…

Think of a city which is the heart of entertainment of a country…

Feel the beat of that heart in your heart… Enjoy İstanbul…

Bosphorus Bridge from Suada

Bosphorus Bridge from Suada

This short essay is a city guide through this amazing city…

How can you reach İstanbul?

There are two main airports in İstanbul. One of them is Atatürk Airport which is located in Yeşilyurt in European Part of İstanbul and the other one is Sabiha Gökçen which is located in Asian part of İstanbul. Both of them are international airports. Moreover Atatürk International Airport is the main hub of Turkish Airlines with direct flights departing to more than 200 destinations.

How can you come from airport to city center?

There are several ways to come from Atatürk Airport to city center. Public transportation is developed so good.You can choose the most suitable for you. Subway through Aksaray, municipiality busses, Havataş Shuttle busses are the most popular ones. Moreover you can rent a car, take a taxi or order other private shuttle services.

If  you have to come to city center from Sabiha Gökçen Airport you can also use municipiality busses, havataş shuttle, private shuttle, take taxi and rent a car.

Where To Stay in İstanbul?

There is a great variety of  locations and hotels in İstanbul from the most luxurious residences to the cheapest budget hostels. So the location and the quality choice is up to your aim to come and your budget.

What to do in İstanbul?

First of all, please keep in mind Istanbul never sleeps. Eventhough most of the tourist attractions are located in European Part of the city there are so many things to do in Asian Part as well…

About History…

As Istanbul was the capital of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire for centuries there are so many museums, palaces and historical buildings.

Between Haliç, Bosphorous and Marmara Sea there is historical semi island. First settlements in İstanbul were founded in this historical semi-island. Moreover for centuries this location was heart of  Istanbul. In historical semi-island you can find unforgetable atmosphere. The most famous spots in this semi island are;

Sultanahmet Cami (Blue Mosque): This mosque was built in the beginning of 17th century by the order of Sultan Ahmet I. This historical mosque is known by tourists as Blue Mosque  as interior of the mosque is covered mostly with blue tiles. Eventhough it is still used for prayings, tourists can visit it during serving.

Ayasofya (Hagia-Sophia): This famous museum was built in the beginning of 6th century by Byzantine Emperor as an Orthodox Basilica. After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the city, it was converted to Mosque and after 1935 it is used a museum.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Aya İrini Kilisesi (Hagia Irine): Hagia Irine was built in 4th century as an Orthodox Church. It is located in the courtyard of Topkapı Palace. Now it is used as a museum and concert hall of classical music concerts due to the impressive acustic.

Yerebatan Sarnıçı (Basilica Cistern): Basilica cistern is the biggest indoor water cistern in İstanbul. This important place is used as a museum.

Topkapı Sarayı (Topkapı Palace): Topkapı Palace was built in 1478 by the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Ottoman Empire was ruled from this palace for almost 400 years. This palace was both office buiding and home of Ottoman Empirers. Nowdays  it is very important museum.

Arkeoloji Müzesi (Arceology Museum): This museum is one of the biggest museums in Turkey. As it was located in the capital of Ottoman Empire, many different kind of show pieces can be found in there.

Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar): This bazaar is one of the oldest and largest indoor bazaars of the world. It is very famous among the tourists coming to İstanbul.

Beyazıt Meydanı (Beyazıt Square): Beyazıt square was the largest square in Bzytaine times.

Dikilitaş: This column was transfered from Egypt during Byzantine Empire times and located in old semi island of İstanbul.

Mısır çarşısı: This old bazaar is located in Eminönü near Yenicamii (New Mosque) and this bazaar is famous for herbs and spices sellers.

Yeni cami: This mosque was built in 17th century in Eminönü.

Aside from these magnificant historical places there are some other important spots to visit in Istanbul….

Haliç: Haliç, in other words Golden Horn, is the part of sea which seperates historical semi island and Beyoğlu. To reach from one side to anothere there are three major bridges. The most famous one is Galata Bridge. A favourite place for Istanbul fisherman in all seasons.In there you can eat traditional sandwiches with freshly caught fish. From Eminonu pier you can take a tour through Bosphorous.

Pierre Loti Tepesi (Pierre Loti Hill): Pierre Loti hill is located in Eyüp district. You can enjoy  awesome view of Haliç (Golden Horn) or simply rest in one of  cafes located in there. If you would like to go to Pierre Loti Hill you can use teleferic from Eyüp.



Miniaturk: Miniaturk, the largest miniature park in Turkey, was opened in 2003. In there you can see mini copies of all famous buildings of  Turkey.

Galata Kulesi (Galata Tower): Galata Tower is located in Galata district of İstanbul which was built in 583 as a light tower. Through b histroy it w as rebuilt  many times. On the top of the tower you can enjoy panoromic view of Istanbul.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower

Büyük Mecidiye Cami: (Ortaköy Mosque) Among city dwellers and tourists Büyük Mecidiye Mosque is known as Ortaköy Mosque. It is located near Ortaköy square just near shore.Dolmabahçe Sarayı (Dolmabahçe Palace): Dolmabahçe Palace was built in the second half of 19th century . It was used as an administrative office and house of sultans for almost 70 years. Domabahçe Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in İstanbul. It is located just on shore in Beşiktaş district.  The thing that strikes ther most is architecture and gardens of the palace. In Dolmabahçe Palace, you can easily feel the power of an Ottoman empire. Moreover the founder of modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died in Dolmabahçe Palace in 10th November 1938.

Ortaköy: Ortaköy is located between Beşiktaş and Kuruçeşme districts. In Ortaköy you can watch amazing Bosphorous view while drinking a cup of Turkish coffee. Moreover Ortaköy is famous for baked potatos (kumpir) and waffels wich you can try in of the cafes,like native Istanbul residents. For years this place is a meeting point for young people.

Kuruçeşme Arena: Kuruçeşme is another district of Istanbul. Great concert hall is located in there. If you want to be a part of Istanbul’s high society life we recommend you to visit  Suada which is a small island just near the shore with good restaurants and clubs.

Bebek Koyu (Bebek Bay): Bebek is the most famous and luxurious part of Bosphorous. It is between Kuruçeşme and Rumeli Hisarı. In Bebek there are cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Rumeli Hisarı: While going to north after passing Bebek Bay you will come to Rumeli Hisarı which is famous for breakfast cafes. Especially on Sundays, it is really hard to find even a parking lot both in Bebek and Rumeli Hisarı.

Taksim Meydanı (Taksim Square): Most probably Taksim Square is the best known place in İstanbul except Bosphorous. For centuries people meet and enjoy themselves in Taksim. In other words we can say Taksim is the heart of İstanbul.

İstiklal Caddesi (İstiklal Street): İstiklal street is the most famous street in Turkey. You can start to walk from Taksim Square to Tünel which was first subway in Turkey. In this amazing street you can see people 24 hours per day. There are some good clubs in side ways of  İstiklal Street. Besides İstiklal Street is full of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Nevizade: Nevizade is a district just near to the İstiklal Street which is famous for pubs and bars.



Çiçek Pasajı: Çiçek pasajı is a passage which is on right hand side while going from Taksim Square to Tünel. There are many restaurants in that passage.

Asmalımescid: Asmalımescid district is in the end of İstiklal street which is famous for restaurants.In there you can find classy fish restaurants and many other tastes.

Fransız Sokağı: (French Sideway) While you are walking in İstiklal Street through Tünel on your left side you can see Galatasaray High School. Just behind this high school you can see this little sideway in which there are many little cafes which are decorated in French style.

Nişantaşı: We can say Nişantaşı is fashion point of İstanbul. In Nişantaşı you can easily find fashion stores, luxurious cafes and restaurants.

Parkorman: Parkorman is the forest park near Sarıyer . Many concerts are organised in there.

Hamam (Turkish Bath): Many tourists who come to İstanbul visit Turkish Baths for diffirent expirience and new fresh sensation.

Saphire Skyscaper: This skyscaper is the tallest skyscaper in Europe. Its height is 261 meters including antenna. It is located in Levent district whch can be called a business center of morden Istanbul, full of skyscrapers and office centers. On the roof of Saphire building you can enjoy gorgeous panoramic view of Istanbul.

Dolmabahçe'den boğaz

Dolmabahçe’den boğaz

Çamlıca Tepesi (Çamlıca Hill): Eventhough everybody thinks that all attractions are in the European part of  İstanbul, there are many things to do in Asian Part as well. Going to Asian part from European part by boat is so enjoyable for most of native İstanbul residents and tourists.  Çamlıca Hill is located in Üsküdar which is in Asian part of İstanbul. Many people believe that İstanbul is located in seven hills and Çamlıca Hill is the tallest hill. There is garden, cafe and restaurant in Çamlıca in which you can enjoy your meal and watch Bosphorous.

Bağdat Caddesi (Bağdat Street): The famous street in Asian Part of İstanbul is Bağdat Street which is a very long and wid full of luxiouris boutiques including Louis Vuitton, Burberry. etc.. There are also many cafes, restaurants located in Bağdat street.

Sahil Yolu (Coast Way): This road is paralel to Bağdat street. Especially in warm and sunny days you can see  many people walking,jogging or just sitting in cafes. Moreover you can see isle of İstanbul from that shore.

Adalar (Isle): There are 5 isle of İstanbul to which you can get by boat. The biggest are Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada and Sedefadası. Büyükada and Heybeliada are famous for phaeton tours. Enjoy walking and spending time in isle.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace

And now time  for entertainment…

There are  many restaurants and cafe chains which serve different cusines from all over the world …

Famous cafe restaurant, bars and clubs…

360 Restaurant/Club: There are three 360 restaurant/clubs in İstanbul. The most famous one is located on İstiklal street. While walking from Taksim to Tünel just after Galatasaray High School you will see “Mısır” block. On the seventh floor of this building an amazing view and good restaurant is waiting for you. 360 restaurant/club offers you delicious meal and superb Istanbul view. After eating your dinner you can enjoy music in 360 club.

Elio: There are two Elio Restaurants in Istanbul. One of them is located in Nişantaşı and the other one is in Sedef Island. Medditerian and Italian cusines are mostly surved  in there. You can enjoy both clasy atmosphere and delicious meals.

Lacivert Restaurant: Lacivert restaurant is located in Asian Part of Istanbul. It is situated  just on the shore. You can enjoy delicious fish menu in there. Moreover after making your reservation if you want they can pick you from European side by boat.

Kız kulesi (Maiden Tower): Maiden tower was built on a small island and you can go to that tower by boat. There is a good restaurant and bar. You can enjoy fantastic view of İstanbul  just in the middle of Bosphorous.

Mezzaluna: Mezzaluna is a famous  chain  of Italian restaurants. Enjoy Italian cusine in İstanbul.

Nuteras: In summer time you can enjoy good weather,delicious meal while watching Haliç view on the terrace of a classy restaurant/club Nuteras.

Mangerie: Mangerie is a cafe/restaurant which is located in Bebek Bay. It is famous for tasty desserts.

There are many local chain restuarants and cafes with unforgetable atmoshpere in Istanbul which serv tasty meals: The House, Midpoint, Kitchenette, Big Chefs

Suada: As I have already mentioned Suada isa an island which is located in Kuruçeşme shore. You can reach Suada by boat from Kuruçeşme. In Suada there are many fish and kebab restaurants and morever there is an open swimming pool in which you can enjoy swimming in summer time just in a middle of Bosphorous.



Reina: Reina is most probably one of the famous  clubs in İstanbul. Especially in summer time you can enjoy your meal and  after that dance the night away.

Sortie: Sortie is another good club which is located in Ortaköy.

Blackk: Blackk is another club which is located in Ortaköy. Eventhough it is not located just near seaside it is always full of young people who want to enjoy.

Corridor: Corridor is a bar which is located in Nişantası Reasürans building. It is famous for the Dj’s and good music.

Touchdown: Touchdown is another trendy bar which is located in Reasürans building.

Dükkan Burger: It is a chain of cafes serving one of the most delicious hamburgers in İstanbul.

Doğatepe: This cafe /restaurant located in Etiler is mostly famous for it’s magnificent view.

Abbas Waffle: This is the famous waffle buffet in Turkey. There are Abbas Waffle Buffets in some other parts of Istanbul but the most famous one is located in Bebek.

Sultanahmet Köftecisi: Sulttanahmet Köftecisi serves Sultanahmet meatballs which is located in Sultan Ahmet Square. They serve tasty meatballs with reasonable prices.

Kızılkayalar: This buffet is just in the enterance of Istiklal Street in Taksim Square. They serve  tasty hamburger and doner kebab with reasonable price. The most famous one is so-called “wet” hamburger, wich young Istanbul dwellers usually eat after a night out…

In addition to these famous cafe bar ,club and restaurants, there are world wide famous chain restaurants and cafes like TGI Fridays, Gloria Jeans and Starbucks…

Ofcourse the ones that I have mentioned above are just few…Istanbul always changes and every person can find what is right for him…

How about shopping?

Istanbul nowdays is becoming the world known fashion capital… You can find so many places for shopping.

İstinyepark: İstinyepark is very popular among natives… It is located in İstinye district of İstanbul. There are many fashion butiques such as:  Calvin Klein, Mark by Mark Jacobs, DKNY, Etro, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Vakko..



Kanyon: Kanyon is also very famous shopping area…. It is located in Levent district. It has anunsual arcitecture design. Such well known like Harvey Nichols, Lacoste, Max Mara, Vakko and located in Kanyon Shopping Mall.

Metrocity: Metrocity is another famous shopping mall  in Levent. As it is so close to subway, it is so conveinent to get there. There are almost 170 stores will give you enjoyment of shopping.

Akmerkez: Akmerkez is in Etiler district of İstanbul. It is also a great spot for shopping with just brands as  Diesel, Massimo Dutti, Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover after shopping you can rest and enjoy your meal in Papermoon, one of the most famous restaurants of  İstanbul located in Akmerkez.

Cevahir: Cevahir shopping mall is located in Mecidiyeköy. Cevahir shopping mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in İstanbul.  6 floors includes huge range of brands and shops from exlusive to most democratic one…

Trump Towers Mall: Trump Towers Mall has recently become one of the most trendy shopping malls of Istanbul .

This are just few  shopping malls….Istanbul is full of opportunities for any kind of budget and needs…

As you can see there are many things to do in İstanbul.. If you come to İstanbul for a few days it would be very hard to visit all those attractions.. Maybe even ten days will not be enough… So, this guide may help you to choose attractions that are interesting for you…

Enjoy İstanbul…